Our Gym

Our gym is fully stocked with the best equipment from the top suppliers in the world including Gymnova and Continental.  As well as a brand new fully sprung floor, we have a tumble track and fast track so gymnasts can practise more advance sequences and moves before they take them onto the main floor.

We have 3 sets of uneven or aysemetric bars, an adjustable high bar, Olympic standard parallel bars and adjustable Olympic rings with a sprung platform so our young gymnasts can climb up to access the equipment.

We have installed two 5m climbing ropes including a junior sized rope for small hands as well as a support bucket so the young boys can develop their pommel skills with their legs supported to build upper body strength.

Ballet mirrors and bars adorn one wall so all gymnasts can work on their flexibility and posture and we have an abundance of beams and floor beams so the girls can work on their skills at ground level before taking them up to the proper beam at competition height.

We have recently invested in extra pre-school equipment including bars and climbing frames and we have an endless supply of crash mats and coach blocks so everyone can work safely.

There is a selection of dumb-bells and bar-bells as well as battle ropes and benches for the strength and conditioning area, and we recently invested in a foam bit which can be moved to sit under or behind any of the apparatus so gymnasts working on tricky moves or dismounts can do so in the safety that they will land softly.

An don’t forget our professional Eurotramp trampoline which allows our gymnasts to practise controlling their body in mid-air before they take that skill onto the vault, floor or incorporate it into a dismount.

We are constantly investing in equipment to ensure that our gymnasts have everything they need to achieve their goals.

In-fact, we have so much kit that we might need a bigger gym!!