Recreational Classes

Recreational gymnastics does exactly what it suggests.  Children develop, strength, balance and coordination through fun activities using gymnastic equipment in a safe environment.  As they develop, they will be encouraged to use some of the more sophisticated kit to practise acrobatic moves including tumbles and flips as well as develop flexibility and core strength which is essential if they are to master more advanced gymnastic skills.

Boys and girls will train a couple of times per week and will have the opportunity to increase their hours and eventually move into the competitive programme if they demonstrate and aptitude and enjoyment for the sport.  Be prepared for lots of demonstrations on the carpet in front of the TV at home!!

Please note classes marked * are invitation-only classes.


16:00-16:55Beginner Mixed (P1+)
16:00-16:55Beginner Boys (P1+)
16:30-18:25FV Transition Group 4*
17:00-17:55Beginner Girls (P1+)
18:00-18:55Beginner Girls (8+)
18:00-20:55FV Transition Group 5*


no classes


16:00-16:55Beginner Girls (P1-P3)
17:00-18:55Development Boys*
19:00-21:00Men’s Artistic Boys*


16:00-16:55Beginner Girls (P1-P3 & P4+)


14:00-14:55Beginner Boys (8+)
14:00-15:55Women’s Artistic Beginner*
15:00-15:55Beginner Girls (P3+)
16:00-16:55Beginner Girls (P3&4)
17:00-17:55Beginner Girls (P5+)


09:00-11:00Men’s Artistic Boys*
09:00-13:00Women’s Artistic Perp Group*
10:00-10:55Beginner Girls (P1+)
11:00-11:55Beginner Girls (P1+)
11:00-12:55Boys Advanced Beginner (7 and under)*
12:00-12:55Beginner Girls (P3+)
13:00-13:55Beginner Girls (P3+)
14:00-15:55Advanced Beginner Girls (P4 upwards)*
15:00-15:55Beginner Mixed (P1+)


09:00-12:00Women’s Artistic Development Group*
12:00-12:55Beginner Girls (P1+)